David Vyvlečka

My name is David Vyvlečka and I am from the Czech republic. Since my early age I have always enjoyed wandering through the mountains and discovering new and hidden places. In that time my passion for photography was born and I could not leave without my camera anywhere. Thirst for visiting more beatiful places was growing and I traveled Europe (Austrian, Italian and Swiss Alps, Carpathians both in Slovakia and Romania, Scandinavia, etc.). As I started to see small progress in my photography, I also realized that the special feeling mountains bring is independent of location. It does not matter if it is the Alps or small hills in the Czech Republic, but it does matter when you are there. I found out most of the people who visit mountains miss these best moments - late in the afternoon, soon in the morning or under starry skies - and that I want to share it through my photography.

That is when I started to push the limits, hike to remote places with my camera gear, bivouac at freezing temps and wait for the first sunrays to hit my skin and camera sensor as well.

As a computers sciences graduate I felt my duty in creating this simple presentation of my joy and photography myself. You can contact me on my e-mail address: or via facebook.

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